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Animal Control Mississauga Ontario - Wildlife, Pest and Animal Control

If you are experiencing problems with unwanted animals or pests on your property it is best to leave it to the professionals to handle. What do you do when there is a raccoon stuck in your chimney? A skunk living in your tool shed? And there are squirrels running around in your attic? The professionals at Animal Control Mississauga have the experience to deal with any type of wildlife or insect emergency that you may have. We provide animal, wildlife and pest control services in Mississauga Ontario and surrounding areas. The professionals at Animal Control Mississauga have experience dealing with insect infestations as well as all sorts of animal control such as; squirrel control, raccoon control, skunk control, bat control, bird control, bee control, wasp control, ant control and bed bug control. All of our animal control professionals are experienced and are licensed for the Province of Ontario.

There are many critters such as mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and skunks that can get into your home or business and cause extensive damage to property and may also pose a health risk. It’s important to get control of animals that have entered buildings because they can cause quite extensive damage to electrical wiring, soffits, chimneys, attics as well as causing damage by their urine and feces. Wildlife control specialists are specially trained in the proper handling of different types of wildlife, and are familiar with the laws regarding their safe removal. The Mississauga area has many types of wildlife and there are times when it is best to call in a wildlife expert to handle the situation, some animals can be quite nasty to deal with. It’s always best to handle the situation before you have health issues to deal with and/or damage to your property.

Besides animal control we take care of the repair and cleaning of residential, commercial and industrial properties that have sustained damage from animals. Our professionally trained technicians are licensed to operate anywhere in the Mississauga Area, as well as throughout Ontario. At Animal Control Mississauga we take care of your animal control situation from start to finish.

Call us today for a free consultation. You can trust the professionals at Animal Control Mississauga, we are the experts to call when you need help with your animal control problem. We will deal with it promptly, efficiently and effectively. If you are located outside of the Mississauga area, please call us to see if we service your area.